500 Video Recordings

Perfect for a single camera in low traffic residential setting.

1000 Video Recordings

Perfect for 1 to 2 cameras in a moderate traffic residential or business setting.

5000 Video Recordings

Perfect for 3 to 4 cameras in a high traffic workplace environment.


Click SELECT PLAN to choose your preferred subscription. For a single camera we recommend no less than 500 video recordings, for 2 cameras no less than 1000 video recordings and for 3 or more no less than 5000 recordings.


After clicking the SELECT PLAN button to select your subscription, you will be prompted for your account information. Use the SAME user name and password you entered into your IOS or Android phone APP in the New Subscription Account fields. Complete the form by entering the required billing and credit card information then click ADD BILLING INFORMATION.


Your chosen plan's subscription will begin immediately.

Renewal is automatic. The renewal date of a subscription is the first day folowing the end of the subscription period. Example: The effective date of renewal for a 6 month subscription period that ends on June 15h would be June 16th.

Cancelations will apply at the end of the current subscription period. Example: The effective date of cancelation for a 6 month subscription period that ends on June 15th would be June 16th. Cancellations wil not apply within the subscription period.

You may add up to 4 cameras to one account. Each account is one subscription. Example: 1000 video recordings shared between 3 cameras operated by the same user is still considered only one account.