Hidden cameras with stand out features:

Built to blend in to catch suspected bad behaviour FAST.

Cloud storage for easy review of captured video footage.

Password protected account based app means your video stays private.

Live stream video surveillance 24 hours with our SG Home app.

Add up to four cameras to each subscription for day and night security.

Reliable American design and assembly.

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PROTECT YOUR HOME OR HOME OFFICE: Hidden cameras powered by SG Home cloud allow you to watch activity in your home such as young children with a nanny or teens after school. Beyond family check-ins, hidden cameras in your home allow you to observe your home office or outdoor areas. Hidden cameras blend in with a home's surroundings and are difficult to detect making it easier for a homeowner to confirm suspected bad behaviour. Subscribe to a cloud recording account to save footage for review later.

PROTECT YOUR WORKPLACE OR BUSINESS: Hidden cameras powered by SG Home Cloud blend into office settings and long life battery models make monitoring outdoor areas and warehouses easy. Someone suspected of petty theft or harassment can hide their behaviour from a common security camera. But a hidden camera has the advantage of catching the real problem fast. Subscribe to a cloud recording account to save footage for review with an employee or law enforcement.

SG Home Cameras are manufactured by KJB Security Products, the oldest covert camera manufacturer in the USA. Based in Nashville, Tennessee, KJB Security has been a leading pioneer and innovator of made-in-the-USA hidden cameras and security equipment for over 25 years. Designed and assembled in the USA means you can count on our cameras when you need them. While cheap imported cameras often fail, or blank out, right as a suspect comes into view, SG Home Cameras feature high definition video that performs reliably day and night.